gdp architecture  

formerly gronlund dare partnership

Established in 2002, gronlund dare partnership was a collaboration between Tara Gronlund and Robert Dare. The working alliance between Tara Gronlund and Robert Dare now continues under the envelope of gdp architecture.

gdp architecture

Tara Gronlund and Robert Dare

Tara and Robert have enjoyed a successful collaboration for well over 20 years. This success derives from their shared passion for architectural design, practice, and construction. These are informed by the diverse range of interests and experiences they have pursued. Together their backgrounds and training cover architectural design, interior design, and building technology, while their interests range from fine arts, philosophy, and literature to urban design, structures, and landscape. In their practice these topics make possible a creative, intellectual and practical efficiency in their working processes. This efficiency contributes to project success through open-ended and innovative creation which carefully considers the full multiplicity and complexity of each individual venture.  As a team they work closely together to achieve this kind of success, each contributing overlapping and balancing expertise to their work.

Tara Gronlund ABID, MArch, Architect AIBC, principal – gdp architecture

Robert Dare DTech, MArch, design – gdp architecture

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