New Westminster - Client

“We very much enjoyed working with Tara from start to finish on our complete house renovation/rebuild project.  Her attention to detail, professionalism, and thoughtful approach to our project was exactly what we needed.  Tara helped us identify our priorities, which she used along with existing conditions and zoning/building code requirements to educate us on what was possible given our budget and goals.  Tara prepared multiple amazing design options and would always check in with us to solicit feedback and confirm alignment.  Every detail of our chosen design was considered and it was clear she had completely understood our needs – she just got us.  She prepared very detailed drawings and documentation, ensuring our building permit application was submitted without issue and the project team had the information needed.     

Throughout the entirety of our substantial project, Tara consistently demonstrated that she cared and had our best interests as her top priority.  We had a great working relationship with Tara and we knew we could count on her support, advice and guidance without question.  We very much appreciated Tara’s attentiveness to our project and her very detailed approach when we needed to make decisions.  Tara explained technical concepts in a way we could understand, would provide multiple perspectives and take the time needed to confirm our understanding. 

There was never any doubt that we made the right decision working with Tara; she designed the home we wanted but didn’t know was possible.”

The Mulhollands - Client

“We enjoyed our working relationship with you both. We found you extremely professional and you were willing to listen and give us excellent guidance in the building of our home here at Treetop Heights.”

Nick Kerchum, Natural Balance: Premium Home Builders

“My staff and I have just recently completed a relatively large, complex, and difficult residential project with Gronlund Dare Partnership.  Their professional and thorough approach to our work together was essential in the success of a project like this.  The construction documentation they produced was exceptionally complete, detailed and well presented.  This, along with their focused project management, contributed to our ability to pull this project off in a timely and economical fashion.   Our two companies were able to form the kind of team required to deliver a successful outcome to our client regardless of the many challenges we faced.

We enjoyed working with Robert and Tara and look forward to our next project together.” 

J. Champion - Client

“Gronlund Dare worked closely with us to focus on what we were looking for and what would work within our budget. Drawings, permits, ideas, and design all handled so well. They helped us to find the right contractor and made sure that the quality and delivery were taken care of properly and professionally. They stepped in quickly to help resolve inevitable issues as they arose. It’s also the little things we continue to appreciate where the design work just looks and feels right. We are delighted with the results and I am pleased every time I step into the house.”

M. Chernoff, New Westminster - Client

“I loved working with Tara Gronlund. We had a good rapport right from the start, and she came up with a wonderful design for a Laneway House. She was always clear about deliverables and timelines, and navigated the process with the City with ease, experience and professionalism.”

Art Finlayson, Architect

“I enjoyed working with both Tara and Robert on the Stones Throw residential/commercial project in Sidney B.C.. Their work was performed in a timely and professional manner with good teamwork between Contractor, Engineers, Building Officials and Suppliers. The building is a complement to the level of design and technical competence that Gronlund Dare Partnership exhibited.”

New Westminster - Client

It was an absolute pleasure working with Tara Gronlund. Our project consisted of a heritage house restoration and construction of a duplex. Tara worked closely with us during the planning phase to design structures that met both our objectives and City requirements for the project.  We relied heavily on her knowledge, expertise, and creativity during this process. Tara has exceptional communication skills and was extremely easy to work with. Her architectural drawings were accurate, detailed, and easily understood by us and the building contractor. Tara was also a strong advocate for us during our re-zoning discussions with the City and represented us in a very professional, knowledgeable, and skilful manner. Tara’s commitment and contributions to our project were invaluable. With her guidance and support, we were able to successfully achieve our project goals.”

The Greenwoods - Client

“We really appreciated your services – the quality of the design and documents, your insights, and the time and understanding you gave to us and our project. We were grateful that you quickly understood and applied what we had difficulty verbalizing ourselves in terms of style and design preferences. Your professionalism combined with your warmth made for a great working relationship. As we progressed through the stages of the project we were continually impressed at the foresight and attention to detail you had put into the original design. We are so pleased with the finished product.”

The Redpaths - Client

“Tara Gronlund was a joy to work with. The planning process was very in depth and she produced excellent and detailed drawings that specified everything clearly for the contractor and trades. She provided excellent recommendations for products and finishing and kept detailed records that I was able to refer back to later on. She picked up on our minimalist taste preferences immediately, went out of her way to find more space for us – so important in a condominium – and made it much easier for us to make decisions along the way. The results were superb in terms of design and detailed finishing.”

V. McAffer - Client

“I was very pleased with the work Robert and Tara did for me. They designed and managed the construction of the renovation and addition of my home. During the entire process, they were not only very attentive to my needs, but were excellent at helping me define exactly what it was that I wanted. The best part was how well their design suited me, both functionally and in terms of the feel that they were able to give my new home. I could never have imagined how it could be, but I couldn’t be happier. And beyond that, something I found to be very important was that, even though my reno was not the biggest of projects, Tara and Robert gave me all the attention I could have hoped for.”

S.P., West Vancouver - Client

“Every time Tara came with a new idea for our renovation she was spot on. She had a great sense of combining the new modern ideas for the renovation with the existing more traditional style of the home. On top of that she thought of all the practicalities necessary for a young family of five.”

Brian Funk, Bayridge Construction

“I have known Tara for approximately 6 years.  In that period of time, we have completed 4 projects together & consulted on others.  Each project has been an enjoyable process with satisfied clients.  Tara has always communicated clearly with her design instructions, whether by architectural drawings, emails, or on-site consultations.  Communications have always been timely & in a professional manner.  When Tara has referred us to a new client, they have always been a joy to work with.  The project team (ie: Engineers) that Tara has given us to work with on each project, have been professional, personal, & practical.  Design has always been creative and has met or exceeded our client’s expectations.  I highly recommend Tara to any prospective client who’s looking for a creative designer.”

The Lawrence Family - Client

“Tara and Robert did a wonderful job for us and we are very pleased with their company, went beyond our expectations.”

Tyson and Jean S., Vancouver BC - Client

gdp masterminded an expansion of our 70 year old house in East Vancouver.  They created a design that seamlessly merged the addition with the existing house.  They produced drawings that our contractor said were absolutely second-to-none and she helped us to overcome numerous hurdles along the way. We heartily recommend gronlund dare partnership’s services!

Cantu Hardware

“We are always so happy when we see we have a quote request for a project with Gronlund Dare Partnership. Their creativity, innovation, and style always bring us inspiration.

We have worked with this company for many years and hope to do many more projects with them.”

K. Lee - Client

“gdp worked with us to plan our basement renovation (gut and remodel). They assessed our needs and designed a floor plan to match. They also designed a new deck for us. In both cases, they came up with several layouts that formed the basis to determine the final plans. They were extremely helpful in dealing with the city permits department on our behalf.”

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