/ 14 Oct 2019
Brian Funk, Bayridge Construction

“I have known Tara for approximately 6 years.  In that period of time, we have completed 4 projects together & consulted on others.  Each project has been an enjoyable process with satisfied clients.  Tara has always communicated clearly with her design instructions, whether by architectural drawings, emails, or on-site consultations.  Communications have always been timely & in a professional manner.  When Tara has referred us to a new client, they have always been a joy to work with.  The project team (ie: Engineers) that Tara has given us to work with on each project, have been professional, personal, & practical.  Design has always been creative and has met or exceeded our client’s expectations.  I highly recommend Tara to any prospective client who’s looking for a creative designer.”

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